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Sandy Latka

Sandy Latka was born in a century-old stone cottage in Derbyshire, England. Her eclectic and interesting career spans both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Extremely well-travelled throughout the world, she received culinary course certificates from the School of Cordon Bleu in Paris and a Villa in Tuscany. She has worked in the fields of interior design, real estate, banking, regional sales, inspirational seminars and government, and is the past owner of a British restaurant and pub and an interior design company.

Sandy’s first foray into the literary world was with the publication of an internal reference book for a major international credit bureau. This project allowed her to travel across Canada from coast to coast, conducting interviews with government officials and statisticians. For someone who loves to travel, enjoys interesting conversations, and the challenge of being put on the spot, this was a dream project.

The inspiration to write the “Tree” series was her grandmother Polly, who at the age of ninety allowed Sandy to record her recollections of a very interesting ancestry and life. It was a story begging to be told, and the completed trilogy will span a time period of 1851-1981.

Twisted Trees was her first novel, part of a trilogy of books based on the lives of two families joined together by fate and fortune. It follows their lives from 1851-1934.

Branches is her second novel, continuing the story from 1934 -1965.

Fallen Leaves, the final book of the trilogy, is scheduled for release in early 2017 and will cover the time period 1965-1981.

A member of Penticton Writers and Publishers (PWAP), Sandy currently splits her time between a cliff-top home in Seba Beach, Alberta, overlooking Lake Wabamun, and a condominium on the lakefront in Osoyoos, BC. Both of these locations are perfect sanctuaries for her research and writing.