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Twisted Trees

England 1851-1934. Two families entwined by marriage, ambition, oppression, passion, and greed.

This book is dedicated to Polly, a dutiful wife, until life with a philandering and abusive husband threatened all she held dear. Married to her step-brother, Lance, and living on the lonely Derbyshire moors in the early nineteen hundreds, she endured many years of abuse and neglect. Her three children were her life and she loved them all without measure. Polly eventually found the courage to escape but at a cost, as Lance and his brother took the children back by force, and left Polly beaten and bleeding. She never gave up the fight to regain her children, and her story is a testament to the power of a mother’s love.
Polly died on May 2nd. 1992 at the age of 96 and her story lives on through each new generation. She will never be forgotten.

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Excerpt from Twisted Trees.

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History, romance, infidelity, loss and redemption – Branches continues the saga of a family tree twisted by the intermarriage of three sets of step-siblings. Unfolding in Derbyshire, England, the story follows the descendants of Polly and Lance’s union from 1934-1965, when Sandra and Mike and Martin embark on a life changing journey. Loosely based on the author’s own family, in which truth is indeed stranger than fiction, Branches takes us on a journey through tragedy and laughter, while reaffirming the incredible strength of family.

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Broken Boughs, Shattered Vows

Broken Boughs, Shattered Vows concludes the Twisted Tree Trilogy, picking up the family story in 1965 when Sandra and Mike and infant son, Martin, sail the Atlantic in search of a new life. Sandra’s attempt to escape the continuing conflict with Mattie proves to be futile. When Mattie and Alf, and later Belle and her family, all decide to follow Sandra, the saga continue. Polly, the inspiration for this series, comes to Canada with Erik, the man who came to her rescue from an abusive marriage so many years ago. Their love and support was always the glue that held the family together. They may not be able to change destiny, but Polly will remain the constant in this ever-changing family dichotomy.

Sandra has to reflect on her criticism of Mattie’s disregard for her marriage vows when she herself becomes involved in a passionate affair. The family tree is now firmly replanted and continues to grow new branches on Canadian soil.

Broken Boughs, Shattered Vows is available at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Excerpt from Broken Boughs, Shattered Vows